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How to propose?

Congratulations! You have met the person you want to live with for the rest of your life and build a future together. The next natural step is to propose, which will take some preparation and planning. A proposal is a memorable moment that will be remembered for the rest of your life. There is no single answer to the question of how to propose. It all depends on the preferences of you and your partner. This guide contains the most common questions and answers about planning an engagement, choosing a ring, getting ideas, etc.


Is an engagement ring mandatory?

This is very individual and depends on the couples. Giving an engagement ring during the proposal is a strong tradition and very common in Western culture. However, there is no set rule on what to do during the proposal or whether to propose with or without a ring. It is a good idea to talk to your partner well before the proposal to find out about their wishes and preferences.

Does a man have an engagement ring?

Yes, the man usually gets an engagement ring, which also serves as a wedding ring

How to choose an engagement ring for a woman?

Choosing a engagement ring for your proposal can be one of the most important tasks, and it's not something to rush into. You'll want to propose with a ring she likes, but don't ruin the surprise by asking her directly about her preferences. 

But if you want to surprise your partner with an engagement ring, the tips below will help you find the right style.

Take a look at her ring collection

What do her rings look like? Does she wear stones or plain rings? Are they chunky and flashy or subtle? Are the stones colourful or does she prefer neutral tones? Is the band made of gold, silver or some other metal?

Ask friends or family

Women often exchange thoughts and style ideas with friends. Maybe your partner has told what her dream proposal or wedding would look like to her best friend? Her female friends, sister or mother can certainly give you tips on what kind of jewellery your partner would wear.

How to find out the right ring size?

If your partner wears rings in everyday life, then the best way to find out her ring size is by measuring one of the existing rings. You can "borrow" one ring from her ring collection and take it to a professional to have it measured. Make sure that this is the ring that she wears on her ring finger. Usually, the ring finger is slightly smaller than other fingers. 

If your girlfriend doesn't wear rings, you should judge by comparing them to your own fingers. Often the size can be changed afterwards. If you choose an engagement ring with your partner, you can order a ring measurement and measure the size at home.
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Can an engagement ring be used as a wedding ring?

Traditionally, a woman receives an engagement ring during a proposal and a wedding ring during the wedding. The bride therefore wears the two rings together on her finger. However, there is no strict rule and a bride may choose to wear only one ring for her engagement and wedding ring, for example. It is up to each couple to decide.

On which hand is the engagement ring worn?

Engagement and wedding rings are worn on the left ring finger. 

Which diamond to choose?

The price of a diamond depends on whether it is a natural or lab-grown diamond, the cut, clarity, colour and carat weight of the diamond.

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Now that the engagement ring has been chosen, it's time to think about the proposal itself. This is potentially one of the most important and moving moments of your life, so it's worth thinking about the practicalities beforehand.

What does proposing mean?

A proposal refers to a situation where one person asks the other to marry him or her. It is a promise of marriage. If the proposed person agrees to this, then this will lead to an engagement.

How to propose?

As obvious as this may sound, before you propose, you should be absolutely sure that marriage is in both of your plans for the near future. These are things to discuss beforehand to make sure the proposal is a positive surprise.

In many cultures and traditions, men talk to a woman's parents before they propose. Whether or not to do this depends entirely on whether your partner's parental approval is important to her. Has she hinted at it before? If you feel that this gesture is too old-fashioned or unnecessary, then you don't have to do it.

Planning a proposal

Only you know your partner best and therefore you know what kind of proposal your partner would like. Does she like a romantic and intimate atmosphere or a big and flashy surprise? Whatever you decide to do, it's worth planning it carefully and putting in the effort so that you both remember the moment forever. For example: if you decide to propose in an intimate and peaceful setting, such as at home or in nature, you could decorate the place with candles or roses, for example. This is a memorable moment, so you should make the place memorable too.

What can you say when you propose?

There is no right or wrong answer to this either. You should speak from your heart and be honest about what your partner means to you. You can start by recalling how you and your partner first met, how your relationship has developed over the years and how she has changed your life for the better. Tell her how she has improved you as a person and how much you look forward to a future with her. This is your moment to open up and tell your partner how much she really means to you. 

Why do we kneel when we propose?

According to one theory, this tradition dates back to the Middle Ages, when knights bowed to their rulers as a sign of respect and obedience. Bowing to noblewomen was also common at the time. Kneeling in this way also shows respect for the future spouse while the proposer is in a submissive position. 

How to propose romantically and where to propose?

This is a moment for the two of you, meant to be unique, romantic and memorable. There's no need to empty your wallet or make it complicated to propose. We've written an article that's sure to help you get started planning your proposal. Read it here

When should you propose?

Many couples marry after they have achieved some goals in life together and separately. Some want to finish their studies, others want to start a working business or travel the world. When you both feel that now is a good time to take your relationship to the next level, it could be the right time.

1. You have spoken together about the future

Discussing common goals, expectations and dreams is important before committing to each other for the rest of your lives. Are you on the same page about having children, do you both want the same things, do you want to grow and develop together? It is important that both of your life plans are aligned and you see each other on this journey of life together. 

2. Your partner hints about getting married

If your partner often mentions about getting engaged or getting married, this is hardly a coincidence - she is expecting you to propose.

3. You have lived together for a while

There is no specific minimum or maximum period, but it is recommended that the couple live together for a short period before getting married. Have you been through the ups and downs of life together. Have there been challenges in your relationship and have you overcome them together? We all have our ups and downs, so are you prepared to put up with each other's problems in the future?