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Different types of diamond cuts

The shape of the diamond, or ‘the cut’, is one of the first and most important decisions a buyer has to make. There is no worse or better cut, and the ‘right’ cut comes down to personal preference. Each diamond cut has its own characteristic properties and, for example, some cuts have a greater sparkle than others.
The most popular diamond cuts

Briljantti hiontamuoto

The brilliant or round cut is the classic and most popular diamond cutting technique of all time. A well-cut brilliant-cut diamond allows light to shine and sparkle optimally. Its unparalleled sparkle makes it a sought-after shape for wedding and engagement rings.


Prinsessa timantti hiontamuoto

 The princess cut is widely used for wedding and engagement rings worldwide. The princess cut is square when viewed from above. This cut is characterised by the diamond’s colour being more visible at the edges of the diamond than in round diamonds. We recommend that you pay attention to good colour grading.


Emerald timanttihiontamuoto

Emerald-cut diamonds are rectangular in shape, with facets that give it a mirror-like visual appearance. Because emerald diamonds have fewer and longer cutting lines, impurities are more clearly visible. This makes it important to pay particular attention to the purity of the diamond.
At Macor Jewellery, we ensure this is done for you. The high quality of all our diamonds means that no impurities are visible to the naked eye. The characteristics of the emerald cut also help ensure it sparkles more discreetly than other diamond cuts. It is often considered to be an elegant choice.


Markiisi hiontamuoto

The marquise cut has two sharp tips and has often been described as being the shape of a small ship. This diamond cut emphasises the length of the diamond and usually looks bigger than other diamond cuts when used in a ring. The marquise also beautifully emphasises the length of the wearer’s fingers.


Ovaali hiontamuoto

The oval cut sparkles a lot, just like a brilliant-cut diamond. Also, like the marquise cut, the oval cut beautifully emphasises the length of the wearer’s finger. This cut is one of the most popular for wedding and engagement rings.


Radiant hiontamuoto

The radiant cut is very similar in shape to the emerald cut, but with sharp corners. It can be square or slightly more elongated, which more beautifully emphasises the wearer’s fingers than, for example, the popular round, brilliant shapes.

Radiant-cut diamonds are among the most brilliant of diamond cuts on the market and are perfect for engagement rings.


Pisara timantti hiontamuoto

The shape of this cut is rounded at one end and sharp at the other. The narrowing tip of the pear diamond cut creates a subtle and modern impression.


Sydän timantti hiontamuoto

No other diamond cut symbolises love as perfectly as a heart or heart-shaped diamond. A well-cut heart diamond sparkles beautifully by reflecting light back at the viewer. It is worth choosing a diamond with a higher clarity grade for this cut, as this allows the more sensitive tip to show its colour.


Cushion timanttihiontamuoto

At first glance, the cushion cut can appear similar to the radiant cut, but it has more rounded corners and larger facets. This cut reflects the most rainbow-coloured sparkles of light.