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Fancy Colored Diamonds


What is a fancy coloured diamond?

The value of colourless diamonds usually decreases as the colour becomes clearer and the clarity decreases. However, when a diamond's colour is strong enough to go beyond the GIA's D-Z classification, it is then referred to as a Fancy-coloured diamond. These coloured diamonds are extremely rare in nature and their value usually increases the brighter and clearer the colour. They are also valuable as laboratory grown diamonds. 

Fancy coloured diamond grading

The grading of fancy coloured diamonds is complex and specialised, and the process requires highly trained laboratory graders to perform accurately.

Fancy-coloured diamonds are graded based on three different characteristics: colour tone (whether it is a single colour or a mixture of colours), colour intensity (whether the colour is dark or light) and colour saturation (how intense the colour is). Once these three factors are known, the diamond can be classified according to the GIA colour chart.