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Macor Jewellery - formerly Korkeila Jewellery

November 2022 My Stockmann magazine 

Christmas gift ideas

Stockmann Korkeila Jewellery

Stockmann December Korkeila Jewellery


August 2022 / Iltalehti magazine

"Forget the traditional ways of wearing gold and silver jewellery - a Swedish jewellery designer advises"


Korkeila Jewelleryn eettiset timanttikorvakorut Ilta-lehdessä

November 2021 Stockmann Magazine

Malla diamond ring, 'Beauty for all senses' editor’s picks.

June 2021 Trend magazine 

Sofia Ruutu wearing our Modern Classic pieces on the cover of Trend Magazine.

Spring 2021 Stockmann Magazine

Sulo ring, graduation gift picks

September 2020 Hää

Where can I find a diamond that hasn't harmed nature or funded conflicts?

Korkeila Jewellery Hää sivuilla

September 2020 Trend magazine  

Accessories and jewellery picks for the party season.

Korkeila Jewellery Syyskuun Trendi lehdessä 

June 2019 / Iltalehti

"Diamonds are now made in a lab – man-made diamonds are indistinguishable from real ones, superstars are already fans"