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Care guide

Jewellery Maintenance

A piece of jewellery made of yellow gold and platinum requires minimal maintenance. If the piece becomes scratched, it can be taken to a goldsmith for polishing. For all diamond jewellery, it's advisable to have the settings and prongs of the diamonds checked by a goldsmith every few years.

On the other hand, a piece of jewellery made of white gold requires a bit more care. The colour of white gold typically has a shade of gray or slightly yellow. To achieve a whiter colour and a brighter surface, white gold jewellery should be rhodium plated. Rhodium plating also makes the jewellery more durable and protects it from wear.

It's recommended to rhodium plate a piece of white gold jewellery every few years as the rhodium coating wears off over time. Rings especially endure heavy wear, so they may require rhodium plating more frequently than necklaces and earrings.

Instructions for cleaning and caring for diamond jewellery

Jewellery, especially diamond jewellery, must be cleaned regularly to keep it looking beautiful. When grease and dirt accumulate on the jewellery, the stones will not shine as beautifully.

You can keep your diamond jewellery sparkling by washing it with dish soap and a soft children's toothbrush. Pour warm water and a drop of dish soap into a plastic bowl or similar. Leave the jewellery soak for a while and then brush the jewellery gently on all sides. Finally, dry with a soft cloth. 

You can also take your jewellery to a jeweller’s to be cleaned. Goldsmiths use special cleaning products suitable for gold and diamond jewellery, and at the same time check the setting of stones and  polish the jewellery if necessary. Diamond jewellery, such as wedding and engagement rings, should be checked approximately every 1–2 years at a goldsmith’s store, as the claws may wear down and loosen slightly over time. 

We recommend that you store jewellery in a softly lined container, for example in the original box, where it will be protected from scratches. We also recommend taking off your rings for the night, before cooking, cleaning or going to the gym. This way you will avoid scratching or accidentally hitting the diamonds on anything hard. 

Properly maintained gold jewellery remains in the best possible condition throughout its life. Remember that jewellery is made to bring joy and beauty, in other words, to be used!

Checklist: Remember these about jewellery maintenance 

  • Remember to clean your jewellery at home or take it to a goldsmith.
  • Yellow gold and platinum requires only cleaning, occasional inspection of the prongs and polishing if necessary.
  • In addition to these, white gold should be rhodium plated every few years.